CrmSvcUtil Entity Generator Extension

Following from my other CrmSvcUtil extensions CrmSvcUtil Attribute Constant Generator Extension and CrmSvcUtil Option Set Enum Generator Extension, I’ve also implemented a (light-weight) extension to the standard entity generator.

Currently, the list of customisations that this extension adds is:

  1. Replaces the standard <summary> tag for all attributes with the new summary in the form: [ISNULL(Attribute.Label, Attribute.LogicalName)]: [Attribute.Description].
  2. Add a System.ComponentModel.Description attribute to each attribute showing the label of the attribute.

The purpose of these extensions is to give visiblity of the label of an attribute – specifically to make our lives easier when coding against attributes whose labels no longer match their logical name.

Download the CrmSvcUtil extension at codeplex: CrmSvcUtil Generate Entities.

To use the extension:

  1. Copy GenerateEntities.dll into the directory containing CrmSvcUtil.exe
  2. Run CrmSvcUtil with the following parameters:
CrmSvcUtil.exe ^
/codecustomization:"GenerateEntities.CodeCustomizationService, GenerateEntities" ^
/url:http://servername/orgname/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc ^
/out:Attributes.cs ^