CrmSvcUtil Option Set Enum Generator Extension

Following from my recent post, I thought I’d release the option set enumeration generator I have been using as well.

I am aware that several existing CrmSvcUtil extensions as well as the unextended CrmSvcUtil generate option set enumerations but this one has several key advantages:

  1. Enumerations are generated as members of the entity classes, not global options sets. This allows copies of global option sets per attribute that uses the global option set.
  2. Duplicate enumeration options are handled by appending the value of the item, not an arbitrary counter. Appending a counter can actually cause bugs that are incredibly difficult to track down if another duplicate instance is added in between two existing duplicates – effectively changing the key/value pair combination without updating dependent code.
  3. Enumerations are generated and consistently named for Option Set, Boolean, State and Status attribute types. Enumerations are referred to in the form “[Entity Schema Name].[Attribute Logical Name]Values” in all cases.

Download the CrmSvcUtil extension at codeplex: CrmSvcUtil Generate Option Set Enums.

To use the extension:

  1. Copy GenerateOptionSetEnums.dll into the directory containing CrmSvcUtil.exe
  2. Run CrmSvcUtil with the following parameters:
CrmSvcUtil.exe ^
/codecustomization:"GenerateOptionSetEnums.CodeCustomizationService, GenerateOptionSetEnums" ^
/codewriterfilter:"GenerateOptionSetEnums.FilteringService, GenerateOptionSetEnums" ^
/url:http://servername/orgname/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc ^
/out:Enumerations.cs ^

The baseTypes parameter is optional and can be used to override the base types for entity classes which is needed if you have previously generated the wrapper classes with an extension (eg. Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CodeGeneration.CodeCustomization).

To use the generated option set enumerations:

Contact contact = new Contact();
contact.Attributes[Contact.firstnameAttribute] = "Michael";
contact.Attributes[Contact.lastnameAttribute] = "Palmer";
contact.EducationCode = new OptionSetValue((int)Contact.gendercodeValues.Male);

4 thoughts on “CrmSvcUtil Option Set Enum Generator Extension

    • Hey, it’s not really better or worse than generating a global enumeration but I prefer being able to compare an attribute’s value to an enumeration specifically for that entity/attribute (and solves the problem of what namespace I place the global option set under). At the end of the day, the enumeration values are all integers so I can still compare global option sets used multiple times on different entities/attributes even though the tool generates copies for each instance. I’m definitely not saying that local option sets should be used over global ones – since the invention of global option sets, I don’t think I’ve created a single local option set even when the chance of it being reused was absolute zero – there’s just no point.

      Good to know that there are others out there bothering to go this far down the CRM customisation route. It really is worth the time investment in the long run.

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